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Busy day for St. Catharines Communications

Multiple fire services from across Niagara Region provided mutual aid to Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services as it battled a massive fire at Vinyl Works Canada on Barber Drive in Port Colborne Tuesday morning. The fire destroyed the plant and all seven employees safely escaped without injury

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Supporting Gillian's Place

IAFF 485 proud to support @gilliansplace and the tremendous work that they do! 5km run Feb 11, we have a team in

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Local 485 Supports Start Me Up!

Local 485 proud to support Start Me Up Niagara’s Coldest Night of the Year. Thank you for your great work! @SMUNiagara

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Critical Incident Stress and the challenges

UNMASKED | the journey from Instillment on Vimeo.

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Saving Lives, Saving Money, and Improving Emergency Care

Do you think it makes sense to continue prohibiting some certified paramedics from using their full training if they don't arrive on an ambulance?

Neither do we.

Ontario’s Fire Fighters are asking the Ontario government to change the law so that certified paramedics who are fire fighters can respond to medical emergencies as part of a fire crew.

Right now, a certified paramedic can only use their skills and training if they arrive in a paramedic vehicle.

Sign our petition.

Since roughly 10% of Ontario's full-time fire fighters are fully-trained paramedics, they are not permitted to provide the same high level of care when they arrive on-scene as part of a fire crew.
88% of Ontarians think that’s wrong and they support changing the law to fix it.

Please take a moment to sign our petition and help us convince the government to enact a change that just makes sense.

After you’ve signed the petition, please share with your friends on social media and sign up to receive periodic emails from us. Don’t worry; if you don’t have your IAFF number handy, you can still sign up.

We’ll be sharing more information with you as we move forward on this – and other – initiatives. Make sure you sign up so you can hear about them!

In Solidarity,

Ontario's Fire Fighters

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FireFighters Memorial @ Queens Park

IAFF 485 with family of Captain Barry Norton who was honoured at Fallen Firefighters Memorial at Queens Park.

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Fallen Workers Memorial

Fallen Workers Memorial honours those who died in the construction of the Welland Canal. IAFF485 proud to support!

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Local 485 attend Labour Day Parade

A Merritton end of summer tradition. Local 485 attend the Labour day parade. Great day for a walk! #LOCAL485

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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

You can help #IAFF members working in the path of Hurricane #Harvey through the #IAFF Disaster Relief Fund

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SCFD Combat Team wins Gold at FireFit Championships

Congratulations to the St. Catharines Combat team. Their dedication and hard training paid off with a Gold Medal. Well done Local 485

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Local 485 supports Hospice Niagara

Supporting palliative care in the Niagara community. Thanks to the caring, devoted staff and volunteers of Hospice Niagara @HospiceNiagara

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Local 485 supporting YMCA and No Fixed Address Niagara

Local 485 doing their part to help with a generous $1,000 donation towards YWCA Niagara and No fixed address Niagara. #NFA2017

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Local 485 Bus Extrication Training

Local 485 Firefighters training on bus extrication with Training Officer Sherren. Working to always be ready!

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Happy Canada Day 150

Have a safe and fun Canada Day everyone!

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Transport Truck Rollover

Fantastic job by everyone involved in the Transport Truck rollover incident.

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Ultimate Kids Challenge 2017

The Ultimate Kids Challenge was a great event yesterday...Thanks for letting us be a part of the challenge once again...

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Family Fun Fest 2017

Family Fun fest was a great event with many great people. This photo is a perfect example...

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You have less than 3 minutes to get out of a burning building. With working smoke alarms, it may be your only chance.

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IAFF Recovery Center - Treatment Makes you stronger

Exclusively for IAFF members.

It’s okay to ask for help.

Treatment for successful recovery from substance abuse, PTSD and other co-occurring behavioral health issues.

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Local 485 member helps again with Skylon Tower Cancer Climb

Well done Local 485 Matt Simatovic. Great work once again.

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2017 Telecommunicators Week

To all the great Fire Communicators at Local 485. Dispatching a massive area from Fort Erie to Long Point. They always remain calm and professional in all situations. #publicsafety #ivegotyourback911

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Smoke Alarm Safety

Fire deaths in the Province of Ontario have seen a 100% increase in 2016.

Test your detectors and have an escape plan and practice your plan.

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Local 485 Combat Challenge Team donating

Local 485 Combat Challenge Team dropping off donations at the St. Catharines General Hospital

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St. Catharines Fire Department - More Holiday Tips

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Local 485 Boot Drive

Thanks to all spectators of the Grape and Wine Parade with making the Local 485 Boot Drive for Community Care a huge success!

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Local 485 and the Terry Fox Foundation.

Local 485 helping out the Terry Fox Foundation.

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IAFF Introduces New Cancer Awareness and Prevention Resource

Understand your cancer risk, know the exposures to carcinogens
on the job and reduce your risk of occupational cancer with the new
IAFF fire fighter cancer awareness and prevention training course.
This new resource, developed in conjunction with the
Fire Fighter Cancer Support Network, is designed to
help members avoid and decrease individual risk
factors for cancer.
In addition to understanding why fire fighters are at increased
risk of cancer, this new training will:
Describe the most prominent types of cancer that affect fire fighters
Identify the top carcinogens in the fire fighting environment
Review the major routes of exposure to carcinogens for fire fighters
Encourage behavior changes that can reduce the risk of developing cancer

Start the cancer awareness and prevention training course.

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Busy Day for St. Catharines Fire Communications

Large Barn fire in Thorold on Saturday July 16,2016.

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PTSD Resource Toolkit

First responders are at least twice as likely to suffer from PTSD. There’s no need to suffer in silence. The help you need is here. This website offers resources and services for the First Responder community to understand the various steps of a PTSD program from managing a crisis through to implementing best practices into an existing program.

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2016 IAFF Canada Legislative Conference

More photos available in our Photo Gallery in the album titled:

2016 23rd IAFF Canadian Legislative Conference

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Ontario passes legislation to give first responders WSIB coverage for PTSD

As you may be aware, the Ontario Legislature today passed Bill 163, which adds PTSD to our list of presumptive legislation. This is a significant step forward for the mental health of our members, and I am pleased that all three parties at Queen’s Park voted in favour of it.

I will forward a final copy of the Bill once it is published, but in the meantime, I wanted to offer my congratulations to all of us for the work we did to move this issue forward at Queen’s Park.

My thanks especially go out to Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn, Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi, and the staff at Queen’s Park who made this day possible.


Carmen Santoro
President, OPFFA

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